This is who we are. Our work is our passion, in which we put our hearts and minds into and we love it. We are honest and we believe that as long as you are true to yourself, life isn’t that hard. We believe it is even easier when you have the right people around you. Where can you find these people you ask? Well, we would love to guide you in that direction. Pandamito generate positive energy and happiness from open-minded people, who are not afraid to live life to the fullest. We find joy in our smallest achievements and we learn from any setbacks or failures. We make all of our dreams and goals become a reality. Our motivation is to become our best self. That is why we are never use intrusive or aggressive strategy, as everything we do has its own rhythm. However, we are confident and excited in what we can provide for you. Therefore, don’t wait, smile and join our world today!


Panda – charming, silly and adorable bear with black and white fur. Unfortunately there are not so many giant pandas left, therefore they are under strict protection. For love of those unique animals, hoping there will be more and more of them we decided to put panda in our logo.

Our manifest is simple – we work in harmony with nature, we don’t use animal products and we use unconventional solutions.
You have to take care and love PANDAMITO products and they will serve You well for long time.
We give our „Pandas” only in good and responsible hands.


 Ania & Ania